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N_honoka_pendant_lamp_4_4 pendant lamp

N_honoka_table_lamp1_4 table lamp

Honoka_t2_1000pix table lamp


Indirect light created by reflection of light is beautiful and gentle. It creates various impressions and variations of light. Decorative factors have been intentionally removed from this lamp to utilize the gradation of its own light which is reflected on the surface as its most outstanding decoration.


All lights are on around this.
The light from the lamp itself and other lights from outside are both reflected to the surface. The impression created by reflecting light on its surface, the texture of the lamp will be changed to fit with the surroundings.


Only this lamp is on.
As the darkness of the surroundings increases at night, the presence of this lamp will be much stronger.


The light is off in the daytime.
During the daytime, the impression of this lamp will be different from the one during the nighttime with the course of time by reflecting the external light.


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