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House with Podocarpus

2014, H25 Interior Coordination Contest "Award For Excellence" /JAPAN INTERIOR INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (Japan)


There has been a symbolic podocarpus tree in the premises since the old days.  It used to be a little away from the human space and was not seen from the room in a daily life.  For this new construction due to deterioration, the tree was left where it was to strengthen the relation between human and the tree by building a new position and new traffic line.  By creating minimum surrounding with new round fence for the tree, form and existence of the tree are maximized.  Walking under the tree in a daily life, and sitting down by the tree sometimes. Being in the room, liveliness and sense of security can be felt from the tree and at night it gives fantastic comfort, different from the daytime.  It is believed to have become the core and close existence. The location is in the urban center surrounded by high buildings.  A white and flat structure can take in the limited brightness at maximum, enabling us to enjoy slight change of brightness projected on the flat walls by the season and time.  At the same time, wind naturally flows through the building and the center of life traffic line from the yard to yard, showing various changes of nature by the season and time.  We did not intentionally build unnecessary glass area or opening in consideration of the relation with the surrounding.  Rather, it is visually controlled depending on such position and size, leaving blank space by setback to reduce unpleasantness, sense of pressure and privacy issue.  Taking account of the builder’s age, we reduced burden and risk in the life traffic line by avoiding uneven level from the entire room to the terrace for easily expanding activity range.  Simultaneously, by making the fittings with sliding doors, wind flow can be adjusted.  Furthermore, nursing care can be given and the elderly can handle without problem.  Fittings are necessary in life for privacy and air conditioning, etc., but become rather distracting when unneeded.  By blurring the boundary of the living area without feeling the fittings, the boundary can be made where necessary depending on the purpose and season having a sense of openness.  The interior is elaborated to create enjoyment, gorgeousness and liveliness by using strong color in the minimum space precisely because it is the place used by the elderly.  Furniture and lighting equipment are designed to be functional and fit the space in consideration of the builder’s lifestyle. We believe this house can be resided by the elderly with enjoyment, comfortableness and style, but little difficulty, in the aging society as Japan’s issue and environment of urban center.


Minimum building based on the straight lines by white flat plaster-coated walls and concrete fences. The center is the stainless gate and the end is the garage entrance.


Patio in the daytime.  Walking under the tree, and sitting down by the tree sometimes, and from the room, liveliness and sense of security of the tree can be felt at all times.  Center back is the entrance.


Living and dining room with a sense of openness.  A podocarpus tree can be seen from the window, and slight change of brightness is projected on the white walls by the season and time.


Minimum Japanese style room.  Buddhist alter appears when the front slide panel is opened.


There is no uneven level down to the terrace in the back to blur the boundary between inside and outside when the window is open.  The center is a desk for work, and the right side is a storage furniture for clothes and books.


Storage furniture for clothes and books.  The original pattern and coloring create enjoyment, gorgeousness and liveliness.


When the window is open.  The lightened up planting can be seen.


Bedroom furniture in consideration of the builder’s use.  The open terrace can be seen in the back.


A place for hobby.  Shelf, table and chairs are originally designed by Yasutoshi Mifune.  They are the furniture created in consideration of the builder’s use.


Brightness is taken into the building at maximum in the daytime with glass and flat white walls, and at the nighttime, brightness from inside is used for exterior.

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